About us

"Mexatronika Injiniring" Ltd. was founded in 2013. The Company implements the projects on process automation in large industrial enterprises and performs the following activities:

  • development and project documentation of automated control systems of technological process of water management , oil and gas, chemical, coal, mining and other industries;
  • development and project documentation for local systems of automation of technological processes;
  • predevelopment survey of the automation object, development of technical and economic basis;
  • software development for Automatic Process Control System;
  • development and implementation of project documentation with the application of frequency converters for pumps of different capacity;
  • commissioning, supervision and installation works, warranty and post warranty service of electrical power equipment, automation, drives, measurement equipment and etc.;
  • metrological support of the measuring equipment, certification of measuring instruments;
  • calibration of measurement equipment by high-precision instruments of world leading manufacturers in the accredited laboratory.

We used to be the best:

  • the staff of our group is qualified, competent, polite engineers who were preliminary trained on the equipment of leading manufacturers;
  • employees continuous skills improving;
  • carry out the work in time;
  • quickly respond to the received request of the customer;
  • we provide consultation to our customers;
  • correct issuing of technical documentation;
  • our prices are acceptable and competitive;
  • high quality of the work;
  • mobility and equipment of the latest technology.

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Advantages of working with us:

Do you need not standard solution? Our work is based solely on an individual approach to each customer.

We carry a wide range of services. We provide services for the design, modernization, automation and scheduling of production in various sectors.

Technical policy of "Mexatronika Injiniring" Ltd. is based on a combination of high-quality hardware and software from leading manufacturers.


Wide range of activities of the company allows us to provide a full range of services in the field of industrial automation, providing them with high quality and competitive prices. Among the most popular services provided by "Mexatronika Injiniring" company is the design and full implementation of APCS, technical seminars for professionals, support of embedded systems. "Mexatronika Injiniring" company offers a full range of services for warranty and maintenance of the equipment. Our certified experts will assist you at any stage from consulting of the technical characteristics of certain equipment and recommendations optimal alternative to regular servicing of the equipment and rapid response to emerging issues.

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