"Mexatronika Injiniring" Ltd. specializes in the field of microprocessor control systems, offers the development and implementation of hardware and software for monitoring and process control system (APCS) for different levels of complexity.

"Mexatronika Injiniring" Ltd. performs the following services:

  • Designing the level of field equipment and instrumentation;
  • Designing  the level of data collection and processing, control actuators;
  • Development and implementation of automated process control systems (APCS):
    • Development of automation elements;
    • Development and installation of software application for the control system;
    • Modernization of existing APCS of various difficulty;
    • Commissioning and putting into operation installed equipment;
    • Guarantee and after sales service, technical support.
  • Design and implementation of production scheduling.

Advantages of our systems:

  • allow to control the quality of products;
  • significantly reduce the influence of the human factor in the production;
  • reduce the number of errors and failures in production and hence reduce losses;
  • allow effective and timely implementation of all tasks;
  • obtaining reliable information on the data at the moment;
  • control and monitoring of required commercial settings.

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