Dispatching control

Figure provides an example of SCADA supervisory system, which is designed to monitor and control the basic technological parameters conventionally called workshops № 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Block diagram of SCADA supervisory system

Presented SCADA system includes a set of hardware and software that is installed in the dispatch center, and five workshops.

Direct control and monitoring is carried out in the control center. There are workstation and the server with specialized software.

SCADA system as a specialized software package is installed on the server which includes software that allows workstations to the entire system to access the data over the network, using a simple Internet browser. SCADA system produces imaging features, data collection, archiving and reporting. Operational Center is installed on the server, which performs the functions of communication with recorder, located in five workshops, and receives data from them and then sends in the SCADA system.

Data are collected from five departments, each of which is recorder and the local workstation. At the physical level, all components of the SCADA system linked by unified communications system (UCS) based on Ethernet, to which the entire data transfer.

SCADA system supports scalability and allows you to connect with more workshops with similar equipment, thus extending the reach of the dispatch system and increasing the volume of incoming data to the control center.

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