The problem of quality assurance is universal in the modern world. It depends a lot in the development of any industry on how successfully it is solved.

Important step towards improving the quality of products is the production improving technologies. Improvement of production technology involves the introduction of more precise measurement and control of technological processes. Sustainable business in production requires paying serious attention to used measuring instruments for process control.

Increasing the accuracy of the measurement process parameters has a significant impact on costs and profitability. This effect is enhanced at times using automated systems, mainly by reducing the response time to changes in parameter values, minimizing downtime emergency, conserve resources and raw materials.

One of the important tasks of rational production management is to maintain the specified accuracy of the measuring equipment, with the exception of data distortion and display the parameter values in the information-measuring light sensitivity of automated control systems process.

"Mexatronika-Injiniring" renders services in metrology, which include:

  • maintenance of measurement according to the scope of accreditation;
  • calibration of measuring instruments with precision devices of the world's leading manufacturers in accredited laboratories and Customer facilities field laboratory.
  • periodic inspection of measuring instruments in agency "Uzstandard".

We will offer you the best possible cost-solution for metrological support.

Calibration laboratory provides upscale mobile engineers who have undergone a series of up special training in metrology and calibration.

We use the best calibration equipment which is constantly completed by responsible person.

We will give advice on the critical process parameters to be calibrated, the frequency of calibration, calibration methods, tolerances in precision instruments.

For Endress + Hauser equipment we will add the calibration analysis and elimination of deviations in accuracy.

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